Femi started this business over the Summer break of 1989 in Brooklyn New York.   He was in New York looking for an internship opportunity (known in the “Brick City” as “Co-Op job”) to satisfy his academic requirement at R.I.T. When he helped out a stranger.


It was Femi’s random act of kindness to stranger that launched Starlight Construction.  We will never forget where we came from.


Femi was shopping at Sears when he noticed an old Jewish man being advised by one of the Sears’ sales staff on how to use a cold chisel to remove wallpaper from his bedroom wall.   (cold chisel is used to cut steel)  The sales staff was so sure of himself and so convincing that the old man bought his advice.  Not to embarrass the guy, Femi waited till the end of the instructions. He tapped the old man on the shoulder on his way to the register… “That’s not how you do it.”  He took the man around the store to the right department, showed him the right tool for the job and taught him how to use it.  The old man thanked Femi and they each went their own way.


On his way out of the store about thirty minutes later, someone was running after Femi and trying to gain his attention.  It was the same old man.  “Young man...  Young man.  I didn’t remember to ask you if you ever have some time on weekends, maybe you could come over and do this job for me.  I will pay you!”  To which Femi agreed. They exchanged information, and Femi saw the job the very next day.


The wallpaper was removed and the room was painted.  Then the floor was refinished.  Then the next room and the room after that.  


Word got around to the next door neighbor, the one across the street, and so on.  By the end of the third week, Femi had secured a project in just about every house on the block, and he had three guys working for him.


Very Humble Beginning, Very Humble Company.

How It All Started


Very humble beginning, very humble company.

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