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Welcome home to Starlight Construction Inc.’s Internet Property.  Your one source Design/Build contractor that not only does everything in construction, but does it better than all the rest. 


We take building construction very seriously, and we’ve been serving you, hands-on, since 1990.  Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.


Femi Olowosoyo, our president comes from a very impressive background in construction with first hand experience in heavy to medium construction and home building in family business refined and augmented with first degree in Construction Engineering and second degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Furniture Designing from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology.  


Not every home construction or renovation require the presence of an engineer, but once you’ve tried it our way, you will never have it any other way.


Our pledge to build your dreams at the most reasonable prices is not a figure of speech.  We are constantly designing and redesigning our construction processes to find ways to build better quality for less, and make the job more interesting for the technician. 


We leave no stone unturned till you are satisfied, but we are not satisfied until we’ve achieved a reasonable level of perfection with every job.


Be prepared to be very pleasantly surprised.


Starlight Construction Inc.

Building Your Dreams... at the most reasonable prices!







Building Your Dreams…

at the Most Reasonable Prices!